Vital statistics
Title Sir Muscles
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Balbagan is a massive melee warrior with an axe the size of a city stop sign. Balbagan is a mighty man with simple needs. Give him a good meal, a good night's sleep, and a good cause, and he'll fight by your side with a nearly inhuman ferocity. The only man who's ever bested Balbagan in a physical challenge is Lord Sigmund himself. So now Balbagan is the heavyweight of Sigmund's Liberation Force, fighting with the twin goals of smashing the Order of Chains... and getting a rematch.


Battle Skills

Learn by
X Connect Skill
MP cost

Y Connect Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Blitz BrigadeA rolling attack that finishes with a jumping body slam. Last hit knocks foe down if Balbagan's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge.Reach Lv. 82.25 secs20 MP24 MP555
GigatackleAn attack that can be charged for higher damage. Knocks foe down if Balbagan's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge. (Connect Skill)Reach Lv. 80.5 secs5 MP6 MP111
Barrier of BrawnConcentrates lunaglyph energy into a defensive shield. Balbagan's DEF increases for a set duration. The effect is an increase of roughly 12% at Lv. 15 and grows more potent as Balbagan gains levels.Reach Lv. 153 secs15 MP18 MPX - 30 secs
Y - 35 secs
X - 45 secs
Y - 50 secs
X - 60 secs
Y - 70 secs
GrandslammerA mighty swing that raises the earth up into the air. Knocks foe down if Balbagan's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge.Reach Lv. 202 secs35 MP42 MP111
Axie DriveA clumsy - but effective - spinning attack. Last hit knocks foe down if Balbagan's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge.Reach Lv. 431.75 secs50 MP60 MP445
Triple ThreatA three-tiered attack useful against multiple enemies.Reach Lv. 531 sec75 MP90 MP555

Personal Skills

Title 1

Title Capell says...
Brawny He's got muscles. I'll give him that much.
Burly It's kind of funny how typecast he is as the strong guy.
Sturdy I think his brain is made out of muscle, too! Motor cortex to the max!
Strapping His muscles are so sweaty they're... they're... blinding!
Reliable I guess you're worth more than the weight of your muscle in gold ingot.
Unreliable Sorry for letting you down...
Returner He might be worth something. He never tires in battle.
Jolly Giant If there's anybody who's honest about themselves, it's him.

Title 2

Title Capell says...
Musclehead He's as strong as ten men!
Mr. Muscles He's almost too strong to fight properly!
Sir Muscles He's finally figured out how to use his strength effectively!
Lord Muscles Watch him swing the most titanic of weapons with ease!
King Muscles He can become one with his weapon and cleave mountains asunder!
Musclestorm All he had to do is hit his foes with his pinky finger, and they go flying!
Loose Cannon His footsteps stir the seas and his breath topples towers. Eight out of ten bars deny him entrance.


Trait NumberTitleCapell says...
1BrutishHe's just so strong! He can smash anything!
2LuckyIt looks like he becomes stronger after a successful surprise attack...
3EnduringSo the longer a battle drags on, the stronger he gets...
4Child at HeartHe's just a big - very big - kid at heart!


TitleCapell says...
Meat-eaterHe loves his meat dripping and undercooked.
DrinkerThe cause and the solution to all life's headaches.
Heavy DrinkerHe sure drinks a lot. I hope his memories aren't suffering for it...
LushHe's looking pretty rough around the edges in the morning.



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