Type City
# Quests 10
# Private Events 6
# Shops 1
Surrounding Areas Luce Plains
Treasure Chests
# Accessible 3
# Locked 1
# Out of Reach 0
# Hidden 1

Quests Edit

Available at first visit

Available after Sigmund's lunar rite

Available after Vesplume Tower

Available after Zalacrest Wine quest

Available after attack on Kolton

Private Events Edit

Shops Edit

Treasure Chests Edit


[Coordinates] - Miraculous Medicine
[Coordinates] - Lauan Sandals
[Coordinates] - Soup Stock
[Coordinates] - 330 Fol

[Coordinates] - Burguss Fruit Liquor

[Coordinates] - Sea Axe - Hidden in the room where Sigmund is waiting in Castle Burgusstadt.

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