The shop can be found at the point [Coordinates] on the Burgusstadt's map. It sells you the following items:

Recovery Edit

Red Berry Potion 60 Fol
Blue Berry Potion 150 Fol
Black Berry Potion 350 Fol

Disposable Edit

Antidote 100 Fol
Para-Gone 200 Fol
Sedative 150 Fol
Miraculous Medicine 550 Fol
Seeing Eye 30 Fol
Sunstone 50 Fol

Weapons Edit

Gladius 500 Fol
Longsword 800 Fol
Laminated Bow 800 Fol
Acolyte Staff 350 Fol
"The Art of Making Tea" 260 Fol
Greatsword 600 Fol
Bastard Sword 1,000 Fol
Novice Baton 550 Fol
Bodhran 550 Fol
Sea Axe 500 Fol

Armour Edit

Soft Leather Jacket 750 Fol
Hard Leather Jacket 1,800 Fol
Iron Scale Armor 1,350 Fol
Steel Scale Armor 2,650 Fol
Ramie Chiton 600 Fol
Soft Leather Cap 650 Fol
Iron Scale Helmet 1,200 Fol
Granite Circlet 520 Fol
Soft Leather Boots 500 Fol
Iron Scale Greaves 950 Fol
Lauan Sandals 380 Fol

Accessories Edit

Bronze Ring 300 Fol

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