There are two types of characters that can be selected during party selections. Primary characters can be used in the main party, lead by Capell. Secondary characters can only be added to secondary and tertiary parties, which are utilized occasionally.

Primary characters Edit

Secondary members Edit

Supporting cast Edit

  • Iskan Du Bal'
  • King Miro
  • Leif
  • Nestor
  • Saruleus

Antagonists Edit

  • Dimitri - A knight of the Order who guards the Crimson Chain. He uses teleportation and wields a crossbow in battle.
  • Held - A knight of the Order who guards the Amber Chain. He is also the first former apprentice of Savio, with the other being Kiriya. He use powerful dark magic arts in battle.
  • Leonid - The man who has enslaved the moon with chains, he is seen as an antagonist. He is known as the Dreadknight and created the Order of Chains. He is deeply devoted to Veros, the moon god, and vies to be his faithful servant for eternity.
  • Lester - A knight of the Order who guards the Azure Chain. He wears blue armor and wields a sword in battle.
  • Niedzielan - A knight of the Order who guards the Cerulean Chain. Unlike the others he uses water magic in battle.
  • Saranda - A seductive, red-haired woman who wears an elaborate dress the same color as her hair. She is Leonid's closest confidant and will do anything for him. She is rather sadistic and enjoys taunting her foes.
  • Sembreras - A knight of the order who guards the Orange Chain. He uses magic black orbs and a sword in battle.
  • Veros - Veros the Crimson is the god of the moon and blesses the world with Lunaglyphs.

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