Graad Prison - Destroyed all barricades

-Reward: ~Full HP and MP recovery!~

Graad Woods - Shot down all Burguss apples.

-Reward: ~Obtained a bottle of blue berry potion!~

Luce Plains - Reached Nolaan without being hit.

-Reward: ~Bonus 500 EXP!~

Dragonbone Shrine - Found the secret room.

-Reward: ~Bonus 1000 EXP!~

Luce Plains - Opened the castle gate within 3 minutes.

-Reward: ~Bonus 3000 EXP!~

Castle Prevant - Freed all Burguss soldiers.

-Reward: ~Bonus 3500 EXP!~

Castle Prevant - Defeated Lester within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained a yellow and white berry potion!~

Sapran - Liberated Sapran within 3 minutes.

-Reward: ~Bonus 5000 EXP!~

Sapran - Defeated Semberas within 2 minutes

-Reward: ~Obtained some granite and steel metal!~

Oradian Dunes - Deliver all the unblesseds safely.

-Reward: ~Bonus 7500 EXP!~

Oradian Dunes - Rescued Leif without him getting hit.

-Reward: ~Obtained some panacea and miraculous medicine!~

Oradian Dunes - Rescued Gustav without him getting hit.

-Reward: ~Bonus 8500 EXP!~

Oradian Mountains - Defeated more than 5 enemies using rocks.

-Reward: ~Bonus 10000 EXP!~

Vesplume Tower - Defeated Kron within 1 minute.

-Reward: ~Obtained some blue berry powder and a giant eye!~

Vesplume Tower - Defeated Dmitri within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained some lentesco wood and a down feather cloth!~

Zalan Coast - Smashed the chain without being swept away.

-Reward: ~Bonus 20000 EXP!~

Kolton - Defeated the mysterious foe within 1 minute.

-Reward: ~Obtained some blue berry powder!~

Kolton - Stopped Edward within 3 minutes.

-Reward: Bonus 20000 EXP!~

Halgita - Reached Svala within 3 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained some malus wood!~

Dais - Used stalactite to finish Queen Rachnuvus.

-Reward: ~Obtained some rachnuvus cloth!~

Dais - Defeated Held within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained the memoirs of a mage!~

Oradian Dunes - Reached Sapran within 3 minutes.

-Reward: Bonus 30000 EXP!

Castle Valette - Solved Chamber of Elements with no mistakes.

-Reward: ~Full HP and MP recovery!~

Castle Valette - Defeated Saranda within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained some lunatite and some mercurius metal!~

Pieria Marshlands - Defeated the dragon within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained a dragon eye and a dragon fang!~

Underwater Palace - Didn't finish off Iskan via Capell.

-Reward: ~Bonus 35000 EXP!~

Underwater Palace - Didn't finish off Leonid via Capell.

-Reward: ~Bonus 40000 EXP!~

Lunar Sanctuary - Defeated Leonid within 2 minutes.

-Reward: ~Obtained some amarlista!~

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