Gustav image
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Faction Liberation Force

Gustav is a giant red bear with a single horn growing from his forehead. He is actually Aya's pet, who she has kept for years. He believes Aya to be his mother and protects her fervently, which prevents him from getting along with other members of the Liberation Force (especially Capell). Capell can ride on Gustav's back through Connect Action. He fights using his claws. Can equip Oversized Wristband.


Battle Skills

Learn by
X Connect Skill
MP cost

Y Connect Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

[[[Name of Skill]]][Skill Description][How it's Learnt][Time][MP Cost if BS1] MP[MP Cost if BS2] MP[Lv1 Hits/Effect][Lv2 Hits/Effect][Lv3 Hits/Effect]

Gustav's Magic

SpellLearning MethodCasting TimeMP Cost
[[[Spell Name]]][How It's Learnt][Time][MP Cost]

Personal Skills

Title 1

Title Capell says...
Great Big Bear He's bigger than I expected.
Angry Bear I don't think he likes me very much.
Aya's Bear So he can tell when Aya's been hurt? In a special bear kind of way?
Bearmobile I think those kids spend a little too much time playing with the bear.
Handy Bear He's so quick! This is great!
Boisterous Bear Sometimes I feel like he might be my greatest rival.
Wild Animal All he's good for is protecting Aya.
Aya's Friend He better take good care of Aya!

Title 2

Title Capell says...
Bear Grrr.
Big Bear Grrrrrr.
Tough Bear Grar!
Brazen Bear Grr. Grar!
Boss Bear Grar! Grooo!
King Bear Grooo! Grooo!
Bear of Bears Graaar! Grooo!


TitleCapell says...
[IC Title Name][IC Desc]


TitleCapell says...
TrackerSometimes he can find materials when there are no enemies around.
High trackerHe can find materials when there are no enemies around.


Trait NumberTitleCapell says...
1GrinenbearitWhen he's in danger, he gets even stronger than usual!
2Bear-HandedOf course he's powerful! He's a bear!
3Aya's ManHe likes to fight alongside Aya! Grooo!
4CapellivoreHe just doesn't seem as useful when I'm nearby.
4NonchalantI think he just tried to bite me when I got close to Aya!


TitleCapell says...
Fish LoverLook at him eat those fish! They have a good effect on him!



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