Komachi image
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Komachi is a brunette girl who is a member of the Liberation Force, as well as the Nightwhisper Guild. She wields twin daggers in battle.


Komachi, along with Touma, were friends with Sigmund. They live in Sigmund's hometown, Halgita. After the city is attacked by The Order of Chains, they are asked by Empress Svala to go with the Liberation Force and help protect Capell.

Battle Skills

Learn by
X Connect Skill
MP cost

Y Connect Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

[[[Name of Skill]]][Skill Description][How it's Learnt][Time][MP Cost if BS1] MP[MP Cost if BS2] MP[Lv1 Hits/Effect][Lv2 Hits/Effect][Lv3 Hits/Effect]

Komachi's Magic

SpellLearning MethodCasting TimeMP Cost
[[[Spell Name]]][How It's Learnt][Time][MP Cost]

Personal Skills

Title 1

Title Capell says...
Guild Girl She seems to be a member of the Nightwhisper Guild.
Touma's Servant She's a nightwhisper assigned to protecting Touma's family.
Wise Whisper She's pretty smart. I wonder if she studied with Touma.
Loving Servant She's so obvious about it, but he just doesn't get it. I almost feel sorry for her.
Swift Servant With her, my enemies won't be safe anywhere, not even in the shadows.
Touma Forever An aristo will never respond to your feelings. Never!
Sacrificial Lamb Well if I can't use her for anything else, I'll just make sure she's useful in battle.
Ideal Servant She's so loyal to him, even though he offers nothing. I hope her heart reaches him.

Title 2

Title Capell says...
Rookie She still needs a lot more training.
Mightwhisper Well she can hold her breath underwater for ten minutes now. She's improving.
Nightwhisper She's fast. Really fast.
Nightwhisper Ace Physically, she's in amazing shape.
Sonic Nightwhisper Now she's outracing cheetahs!
High Nightwhisper Soon she'll be able to control the shadows! And hold fancy light shows!
Incognito You know a nightwhisper's good when you'd never guess she was one. It's like she's in disguise!!!


TitleCapell says...
[IC Title Name][IC Desc]


TitleCapell says...
RummagerShe's good at locating items where we already found something.
High RummagerShe's really good at locating items where we already found something.


Trait NumberTitleCapell says...
1Loyal ServantShe's more effective in battle when she's fighting beside her beloved Touma.
2Shady LadyThough she's more relaxed in dark places, it says nothing about her personality!
3EdgyShe likes being off to the side, but she's not the least bit antisocial.
4Undead HaterHer legs go all wobbly when undead monsters are nearby.
4Undead DespiserShe's no good against the undead! I better finish any off quickly for her!


TitleCapell says...
[Palate Name][Palate Desc]



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