Kristopher image
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Kristofer is a man with brunette hair and a rough appearance. His design is similar to an aviator, a rather modern design compared to the others. He is skilled with machines and was in fact a weapons designer, though he became disgusted upon seeing their deadliness. He wields a crossbow in battle, though he can equip regular bows like Aya.


Battle Skills

Learn by
X Connect Skill
MP cost

Y Connect Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

[[[Name of Skill]]][Skill Description][How it's Learnt][Time][MP Cost if BS1] MP[MP Cost if BS2] MP[Lv1 Hits/Effect][Lv2 Hits/Effect][Lv3 Hits/Effect]

Kristofer's Magic

SpellLearning MethodCasting TimeMP Cost
[[[Spell Name]]][How It's Learnt][Time][MP Cost]

Personal Skills

Title 1

Title Capell says...
Lech He's only got one thing on his mind... and it's dirty.
Womanizer It's amazing how he can act completely different around men and women.
Lustful So does he go for ANYTHING that's pretty?
Desperado So does he go for ANYONE that's pretty? (gulp)
Irrelevant This guy is useless
Impassioned Well he's sure passionate about what he does.
Darling He calls her darling? Does he have no shame?
Committed Although his words might make you think otherwise, he's pretty serious about Seraphina.

Title 2

Title Capell says...
Nogunner Why's he carry that thing around? He couldn't shoot the broad side of a barn with training wheels on.
Lowgunner Well his accuracy is up to 30%. I guess he's somewhat useful.
Midgunner Up to 80%. He's pretty dependable now.
Topgunner He never misses! What improvement!
Quickgunner He's great at rapid fire now. Groups of enemies are at bay with ease!
Machinegunner So I don't know which is more impressive, his shooting spree or reloading time!
Supergunner I bet I could blindfold him, and he'd still shoot an apple off Gustav's head from a mile away.


TitleCapell says...
GoldsmithLv4 IC forging. He's finally a decent smith. Good with metals.
MastersmithLv5 IC forging. The greatest smith of our age! Good with metals.
Claridian HammerLv6 IC forging. Awe-inspiring anvil prowess! Good with metals.


TitleCapell says...
[CS Title Name][CS Desc]


Trait NumberTitleCapell says...
1OperatorHe's really good at operating machines, especially vehicles.
2FlippantHe's thoughtless to the bone!
2DevotedEven though he talks to all the ladies, I think there's one that's extra special.
3PlayboyHe's a natural lady's man. All he can do is think about picking up women.
3Mega PlayboyHe's beyond help. He doesn't even listen to me anymore. Maybe if I was a woman...
4NyctophobicHe can't concentrate in the dark. It seems to lower his strength.
4Scaredy CatHe's doing a little better in the dark, but his strength still suffers.


TitleCapell says...
Spicy LoverHe likes his food like his women: hot!


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