A Lunaglyph is a power bestowed upon people giving them a special ability, such as healing or the power to create fire. Those without a Lunaglyph are called Unblessed and are outcasts; considered "weak and useless" by many people. The vast majority of the world seems to have a lunaglyph. Signifigantly; Sigmund (until you arrive at Burgusstadt) and Capell do not have a Lunaglyph; although few knew this fact.

The strength and power of a Lunaglyph is determined by the phase of the moon on the night of the individual's birth. Through a "Lunar Rite", the power of a Lunaglyph is bestowed upon an individual. This is usually performed at birth, however in some special cases, such as Sigmund's, it can be performed later in life.

Multiple Lunaglyphs can be bestowed upon one person, however, failure to command such power can lead to dangerous consequences.

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