Old Ring
Start Speak to "Distracted Man"
End Speak to "Forgetful Dog"
Prerequisites Complete Castle Prevant
Approx. Level N/A
Location Nolaan - Behind well in town center
Rewards 500 Fol
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- Head to the house on the north east side of town.
- Speak to the "Distracted Man."
- After speaking to the man, head into Dragonbone Shrine.
- Upon entering into the shrine take the first passage on the left, leading to a dead end. There will be a pile of rubble. Examine the rumble to find out that someone has dug it up.
- Now connect with Rico and speak to the "Forgetful Dog."
- After speaking to the dog go back and speak to the man.

[Note: You will not be able to complete this until after completing Castle Prevant.]


After completing Castle Prevant come back to Nolaan and speak to the "Forgetful Dog" again. He now remembers where he buried the Old Ring. The ring is buried behind the well in the center of town.


500 Fol

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