After breaking the chain at Port Zala, find random goods scattered around town in little brown bags. Bring them to their proper owners for rewards.

1. Tail ---> Ivan ---> Lux baton (available after meeting with King Mino of Kolton)
2. Battered Notebook ---> Mayor's wife ---> blue berry potion
3. Bouquet ---> Mayor's wife ---> yellow berry potion
4. Rag ---> Mayor's wife ---> green berry potion
5. Piece of wood ---> Superstitious fisherman ---> 1000 fol
6. Doll ---> Mayor's wife ---> red berry potion
7. Vase ---> Mayor's wife ---> gold berry potion
8. Strange-colored bag ---> Waitress (speak with Aya) ---> yellow berry powder
9. Wooden box ---> Martin ---> 500 fol
10. Dentures ---> Toothless old man ---> 800 fol

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