Veld The Evil Eye
Class Boss
Level 45
Location Underwater Palace
AP Gauge -
Base Drop Rate 40%
Vital Statistics
HP 120,000 EXP 5,000
ATK 1,000 HIT 465
DEF 450 AGL 25
INT 500 FOL 4,000

Elemental Resistances Edit

Air Aether Earth Fire Water
x0 x1 x1/2 x1/2 x1/2

Status Resistances Edit

Berserk Charm Confuse Curse
100 0 0 0
Doom Faint Freeze Paralyze
0 50 0 0
Petrify Poison Silence Sleep
0 0 0 30
Skewer Unhearing Unseeing Unsmelling
0 0 50 0



Notes Edit

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